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Finding a room in this city can be a less complicated, lower cost alternative to renting an entire apartment (if you’re alone and only here for a short time) as there are usually no contracts and no deposit involved.  Over the last year, renting out rooms has become increasingly popular as more and more argentines make the most of earning the tourist dollar.  Even elderly woman are getting in on the action by renting out their spare room .  Flat sharing is also a good way to pick up Castellano pretty fast, as you will most likely be sharing the place with a porteno or two.

If you’re looking for a place you can email us at
[email protected] with the subjet SPARE ROOMS or

CLICK HERE for further information.

Another really good website you can try is compartodepto.com – it’s in spanish but doesn’t have the inflated gringo rates that some other places have.

We advise that women be careful when going to view the flats – get someone to go with you to view the place and get lots of information about the people living there first.  Never pay large amounts in advance over the internet for a room.  A good plan if you’ve just arrived in Buenos Aires is to go to a hostel for a few days, explore the city and then begin looking for a room

If you have a room to offer please send us an email ([email protected])
with ROOM OFFER in the subject line and include plenty of details and photos.

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