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Apartments are BIG business in BA

the cost of finding and putting a deposit on an apartment can set you back a bit so be prepared. It is usual to find 1 or 2 bedroom flats – 3 bedrooms is not as common and your chances are higher in the older parts of town where more older houses with more rooms, newer buildings tend to have 1 or 2 rooms.

To go about it, the internet is a good starting pointCraigslist has listings all around the city with various price ranges.  The high seasons are February and March, and later June, July and part of August for university students.  Summer is the easiest time to find a place, so around December, January and February (make sure it has air-con because this place can get sweltering).

To secure an apartment here, a guarantee is required. The guarantee comes in the form of a title to your parents or friends house [people try to sell them on the internet but NEVER buy one – they have to approved by the government which can take a while and by the time you are found out, the scammer will be long gone with your mullah].  Some agencies will cut out this guarantee process entirely to make it easier on foreigners or use receipts of income instead, provided you have a good, legal job.  if not, the way that most people get around it is to use a temporary contract.  This is for a maximum of 6 months but can usually be renewed.   You will need to pay a deposit which is around 2-3 months rent (some places will try to make you pay 6 months in advance).  Rent is paid monthly, be sure to check if expenses (for maintenance of the common areas, doorman, etc.) are included, if not then you have to pay separately.  Energy, gas and water are all relatively cheap.

and the Neighborhood….

S A N  T E L M O – This is the the most historic part of town with a vibrant bohemian vibe and lots of great, small cafes and restaurants. It can be quite pricey if you don´t look hard enough because of its historic significance and popularity amongst foreigners.  It’s close to downtown, Puerto Madero, and La Boca, but far from Palermo, Belgano and Recoleta, although all are easily accessed by subte or a number or buses.

D O W N T O W N (microcentro) – As it is the center of the city it´s a great hub for getting around town and nice for work and study and it’s one of the few places where you can find an apartment for a reasonable price.  The downside is that it becomes a ghost-town at night although there are a few after office bars located here.   Also not so great is the horrible traffic during rush hours, dirtyness, noise and constant protests disrupting traffic (although it adds a sense of excitement to the place).

C O N G R E S O – Like the downtown and neighboring barrios located in the heart of the city; the cost is generally pretty good, there’s great transportation, and it’s nice and central between Recoleta, Palermo, and San telmo.

A L M A G R O – Cheap but steadily getting more popular in a bohemian kind of way (read: expensive) a great area to be in the city. A little quieter than you would expect for being so close to downtown and relatively safe, but the surrounding area close to the Abasto shopping mall is a bit sketchy at night.

R E C O L E T A – Close to lots of attractions such as the famous MALBA museum, the Recoleta Cemetary, green parks, good transportation, tons of restaurants, cafes and nightlife ensures it has a good vibe at night. Further to this it has some of the most beautiful buildings in BA, although it does come with a high price tag. A pretty safe area as there are businesses open round the clock, so be prepared with your credit card.

P A L E R M O – While not as glamorous as Recoleta, it is one of the more wealthy neighborhoods in town. Palermo can be broken down into sub-neighborhoods, ranging from the more reasonably priced middle class Palermo Soho to the more exclusive and chic Palermo Hollywood. .  Aside from the fantastic designer shopping (check out the Palermo market in Plaza Serrano on weekends), Palermo has lots of green areas and gorgeous parks, most of the best restaurants in the city, night attractions such as bars with live music, and also most of the big nightclubs. It is surely one of the safer neighborhoods, but of course for this you have to pay a little more.

B E L G R A N O – An upscale, slightly aristocratic neighborhood similar to Palermo but quieter, more exclusive, and with less attractions.  That being said has one of the best places in Buenos Aires…

China Town! it has the best supermarkets filled with delicious food that you can’t find anywhere else in Buenos Aires

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