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Hostels in Buenos Aires are a relatively new phenomenon in Buenos Aires, the city is already infested with hostels, and new ones are popping up all the time.  The spectrum is from, what are basically economic apartments for South American students, to Gringo gathering places where foreigners are just passing through.

The grand majority of hostels in Buenos Aires are equiped with: WIFI, communal computers with internet, cable TV, breakfast and a shared kitchen to cook up homemade meals to share with new friends. Every hostel in Buenos Aires will have the basics like hot water, flushing toilets (although in most you can’t flush the paper), and 24 hour reception.  Activities such as tango shows, soccer matches, excursions outside the city and more are usually offered, can be worth comparing prices with tour companies as well.

Advice:Always check reviews and ratings before booking! But do keep in mind that most people that write them tend to have extreme opinions in either direction!

If cleanliness is important check out what people have said about the hostel to get a general idea.  Lots of the lower priced smaller hostels have great staff, good vibes and more of a community feel – this relaxed attitude can also apply in regards to the cleaning so remember to do your dishes and try to be tidy in general. If you have concerns about security make sure the hostels provide lockers and in some have safes on the premises too.  Generally you have to really watch your stuff otherwise it can be snapped up by some depraved opportunist.

If you’re a bargain hunter and time your trip accordingly, the low season for hostels in Buenos Aires is around Autumn, so April and May.  At this time it may be possible to find lower rates as the hostels need to keep the beds filled.  Also look out for the newbies on Hostel bookers – they usually need to keep their prices low at first to get the the word out on the hostel.  Be sure to check the hostels individual websites as well if you plan on staying for a while for any promotions.

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