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Travel Philosophy


We believe that travel is not about following the rules and playing it safe. It is about committing yourself to the freedom of living on the road, whether for 2 weeks or 2 years. It is about embracing the unknown, indulging in the spontaneity of the day-to-day and opening your mind to endless possibility.

Travelling allows you the unique perspective of experiencing the world first hand. To form the kind of memories that cannot be captured through a lens; memories that never fade and can never be forgotten. Experiences that get under your skin and alter you indefinitely. It is about the daily routine of bus journeys, booking rooms, struggling with an alien language, scouring the guidebook for tomorrow’ s destination, sharing a meal with strangers and finding yourself sat beside them on a bus the next day. The incredible highs and the devastating lows. The voice in your mind telling you that this is going to make a great story to tell. The feeling of being invincible, of taking everything life throws at you and embracing it. It is about discovering the world and at the same time discovering yourself.

It is about taking on a new kind of independence but still allowing yourself a freedom you could never have had before. It is a way of life. It is about realising you can feel at home anywhere in the world and simultaneously you can feel alone anywhere in the world.

Travel unites people, brings together people who would otherwise never approach each other. It is a personal epiphany, a type of soul-searching that is only possible, thousands of miles from home and far from those who know you.

Zoe Claire Smith (United Kingdom)

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