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In a city that never sleeps, leaving your house or party to head to town at

around 2am and dancing until sun-up is not uncommon here.  There is something to do every night of the week and Buenos Aires is famed for its incredible clubs and vibrant nightlife so put on your least traveler-y glad-rags, down your last glass of Fernet and coke, hail a taxi and vamos to some of the cities most exhilarating nightspots.

Most clubs open around 1am and go until 6 or 7am. Keep in mind that even if it opens at 11pm or midnight, if you go that early, you’ll probably be the only one there as most clubs don´t get bumping until at least 2 am. With the Subte closing at around 10:30 to 11pm, your options for getting to the nightclubs are left to either taking a bus and deciphering your GUIA-T or else a simpler but more expensive cab-ride.

In Buenos Aires ‘The Club’ is a place to prove (or pretend) that you are somebody, so….

dress to impress.  This is a city of the beautiful people, and in the clothes department their standards are sky-high, so avoid wearing shorts, sandals, hiking shoes or anything too casual – dress-codes often apply.

WH  E   R    E         I        T         ‘              S –    —————@

Most boliches (clubs) are located in Palermo, the smaller ones in Palermo Hollywood and around  Av Santa Fe and Av Raul Scalabrini Ortiz – the larger ones are in Arcos de Palermo.  It’s a bit of a trek from the center but the barrio of Martinez (in San Isidro Partido) has some of the richest porteños in the country and is a good spot for people watching, although your night wouldn’t be cheap.

The majority of clubs will have a cover at the door but will almost always include a drink. For the hipster and indie crowd, be sure to check out E l  L i v i n g  (Marcelo T de Alvear 1540)  which has two rooms playing underground electronica and the like. Crobar (Av.Libertador 3886 / Paseo de la Infanta / Arco 17) is recommended for those looking for action, so to speak. Not only known for overly aggressive mating tactics, but also persistent hunting. Ladies, you´ve been warned (or informed!).  One must in the city is Pachá (Corner of Avenida Costanera Rafael Obligado y La Pampa) if you are looking to dance the night away with your shades on. If you find yourself eating a nice late dinner in Puerto Madero, don´t miss hopping into Asia de Cuba (Pierina Dialessi 750), which while on the pricey side brings an impressive crowd and is right on the waterfront.

Other than that, here is our recommended schedule for the week:

M O N D A Y – Club Severino is located in Downtown Buenos Aires (Hipolito Yrigoyen 968, close to Av De Mayo). It’s surrounded by hostels so has a bit of a touristy vibe. It gets brownie points for the cheap drinks, good pop music and quality drunk dancing – we have free tickets so email and ask

T U E S D A Y – Hype (Kika Disco, Honduras 5339. Palermo) with a combination of International DJs and local artists Music: Electro, Hip-Hop and Drum & Bass.  We have free tickets so email and ask.

W E D N E S D A Y – Pub crawl… alright alrgiht, this ain’t a club but it’s still a darn good night – they take you to all the best places in Buenos Aires and you don’t have to know a word of spanish.  We can get discounted tickets so email and ask.

T H U R S D A Y – The place is called Club Araoz (Araoz 2424) but on Thursdays it becomes

LOST – the BEST hip-hop night in town – if you arrive before midnight, grab a drink and find a good spot to watch the local talent breakdancing.  After a couple of hours, with a music and light change and slightly cheezy, staged hip-hop performance the place transitions into a vibing grinding dance floor. We have half price tickets, email us!

F R I D A Y – Crobar – one huge monster of a club, it has two rooms, thumping with electro music and sweaty peeps.  There are usually international DJ’s playing at least once a month (we have half price tickets, get discounts here!).  Also Bar Guevara (Humberto Primo 463 @ Defensa) has a good selection of indie rock and electronic 80’s music.

S A T U R D A Y – Fiesta Clandestina at Groove Bar in Palermo (Av Santa Fe 4389) has a great mix of bands of different styles AND a circus.  We can get discounted tickets so email and ask. AMERIKA (Gascon 1040) is one of the hottest gay clubs in the city.  The entry is high but on Friday and Saturday it includes all you can drink.

S U N D A Y – Club One. It is a Disco that opens from 6PM to midnight – We can get free tickets, email us!)

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