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Pizza, pies, chinese food, sushi and ice cream are popular delivery options

and now beer and wine can also be delivered by most places.

Everything from the standard items—like pizza and Chinese food—all the way to the not as common—like sushi and ice cream—can be delivered to your door right before your guests arrive. Forget about that last minute trip to get dessert; make a call and except it to arrive when and where you want it—no charge! Other popular delivery options are beer and wine, which many places have decided are a worthwhile late-night-door-service investment.

Provided it’s within walking or cycling distance, 24hr delivery at no extra cost is available from most restaurants and supermarkets. However, as it gets later the options get less numerous so make sure to do your research beforehand.

If you’ve had enough of the strict (but delicious) diet of Pizza, fried carbs and meat, order from Sattva (Montevideo 446, (p) 4374 5125)—a restaurant with good quality, macrobiotic, vegetarian food.

Prefer to browse the options on your own?
The website http://buenosairesdelivery.com is devoted to online delivery in Buenos Aires. Though it is not currently as comprehensive as it could be (mostly focusing on Palermo and some surrounding areas) the plan is to expand much of the city.

If you’d like to
take a break from the restaurant scene and would prefer to grab some cheap eats and head to a park for lunch there are several places that have
food by the kilo. La Verde (Suipacha 10) is a great option for vegetarian take-out. Their Asian inspired menu features delicious dishes like wontons, tofu casseroles, veggie tempura, quiches, salads, and un-identifiable fried things that still manage to make your mouth-water. Containers are available to fill up with whatever strikes your fancy (Tip: get in before the lunch rush at around 1 PM—all the best dishes are snapped up first).

Whatever your schedule is, do not leave the city without taking a trip to a bakery (panadería)
Many would say Buenos Aires has the best pastries, empanadas-and cakes in the world. Don’t just take them at their word, though. Call it research and see which particular treat is your favorite out of the wide selection that each place has to offer. Note: dulce de leche cake with ricotta is practically an institution here. Do not miss out.

Looking for something argentine pastry related to do? Why not brush up on your food-related Spanish (or body language, if that is your level) and take on this challenge: try every single one of the raved about treats at the eleven Buenos Aires bakeries suggested on Cecelia Acuña’s list.
The website may be in Spanish but at the very least you’ll know the name of the sugary delight that is best to order. If you are really adventurous you could try to do it in 11 hours. But that’s just an idea…

If you are looking for cheap takeaway pizza, Ugis is a chain pizza place where a mozzarella pizza will set you back less than US $4. They only do one thing, but they do it right. Thankfully they can be found almost anywhere as they have around 45 locations in Buenos Aires. Odds are there is one near you.

The Porteño (Martín) says: “if you’re staying in the center order empanadas (Carne Picante are the best) from La Americana on Callao and Mitre (Av Callao 83, phone 4371 0202, delivery from 11:30 AM to 00:30hs). People from Belgrano have been known to send taxis to fetch these delectable treats”.

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