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Buenos Aires is favoured with agreeable temperatures year round and with an average temperature of 18 º. (64.4 º F), any time is good a time to visit. It’ s worth pointing out though that the seasons are opposite to those of the Northern Hemisphere – a north American or European summer is the equivilant of a South American winter and viceversa.

Weather report: Today in Buenos Aires



December 21 – March 21. Average temperature: 23 º C (73.4 º F).

The city can get unbareably hot during the summer months and humidity levels are high. Particularly in the city centre the sticky heat and strong sun lend reason to the fact that many locals flee the city for the coastal resorts or countryside towns. For those who prefer to stick around the city, air-confitioning will become your best friend!

During the day, sandals or flip-flops are the footwear of choice for everyone, coupled with light-weight, heat-friendly clothing. Buenos Aires’ inhabitants have little inhibitions when it comes to summer wear although if you are working remember to keep your summer uniform modest!

Shorts, skirts and dresses teamed with camisoles, light cotton shirts and t-shirts are good choices.

For evening, be aware that many bars and clubs do not allow entry in shorts and sandals – shoes, sneakers and ladies sandals (not flip-flops) are typically fine. It never hurts to carry a light jacket – evenings and early mornings tend to be noticeably cooler.



21 March – 21 July. Average temperature: 18 º C (64.4 º F).

Autumn in the city is a time of transition, with a mixture of warm and cool days throughout June and July. Tree’ s shed their leaves over the sidewalks, the humidity lifts and cool breezes signal the approach of winter.


It’ s best to be prepared for all weathers although temperatures are unlikely to dip too low at this time of year. Sweaters, jackets and raincoats will all prove useful – rain is most frequent at this time of year.



21 July-21 September. Average temperature: 5 º C (41 º F).

By July, temperatures start to fall and the nights can get quite cold.


Warmer clothing is essential at this time of year – a warm coat or jacket, scarf and gloves and closed-in shoes or boots.



September 21 – December 21. Average temperature: 17 º C (62.6 º F).

Spring in the city is one of the nicest times of the year with much warmer temperatures and little humidity.


Summer clothing begins to make an appearance but keep a light jacket for the cooler evenings.



Argentines take pride in their dress and although fashions vary according to taste, a well-turned out appearance is important. Bars, restaurants and clubs expect at least a smart-casual dress code.

Buenos Aires is famed for it’ s shops, particularly it’ s leather goods which are of excellent quality and reasonable prices. Be aware, however, that sizes can be very small compaired to European and North American stores – don’ t be surprised if you find yourself in an XXL – it happens to us all!!

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