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    Most travellers do not need a visa to visit Argentina and are granted a tourist visa valid for 90 days upon arrival in the country. The countries listed below qualify for this visa:


    Is Buenos Aires a safe city? YES. Is the world a safe place? Well, not always! Generally, Buenos Aires is not a city that poses any great risk to travellers and you should be able to walk around the city without worries.


    Buenos Aires is favoured with agreeable temperatures year round and with an average temperature of 18 º. (64.4 º F), any time is good a time to visit. It' s worth pointing out though that the seasons are opposite to those of the Northern Hemisphere – a north American or European summer is the equivilant of a South American winter and viceversa.


    Your guide to the top 10 things to try during your time in Buenos Aires – many are already well known but we' ve thrown in a few more unusual options for those looking to stray away from the guidebook terrority (you will note that we' ve left out the classic Tango show and football match!).

Buenos Aires map