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business in Argentina has been

developing rapidly since the decline of the peso in 2002.  After this Argentina became an attractive country for foreign companies to set up shop and now, because of this, Buenos Aires offers a great choice of high quality hotels in convienent locations, with excellent argentine services and facilities at very reasonable rates.

Puerto Madero and the reclaimed area behind have experienced the most development over the recent years, the skyline changing almost by the hour.  Here you’ll find the flashiest, more contemporary hotels such as the The Hilton,  Faena (with an interior by Philippe Stark and a new addition to the Faena family currently being constructed; The Aleph, an apartment and office building will have a covered market square for events, designed by Foster and Partners).  Recoleta is where is the old money is with the Four Seasons and Alvear Palace Hotel located here, it’s also possible to find more normal priced hotels.  The Sheraton Hotel was once the most famous here before economy crash, and is located in Retiro.  NB check that your wallet is fairly robust before attempting to stay in any of these places

The current trend in Buenos Aires is for

boutique hotels, 

these are usually stylishly renovated buildings.  The majority of these exclusive refuges can be found in San Telmo (Circus), Recoleta (Art Suites) and Palermo (Legado Mitico Boutique Hotel)

Fen hotels are a good quality, 4 star staple and they are located all around BA

Check out the Apartment section for a description of the main suburbs in Buenos Aires

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